Total Introduces TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation In France The Fuel That Cleans Your Engine Kilometer After Kilometer


Paris - March 16, 2015. In France, Total is marketing TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation, a new line of specific fuels that clean engines and provide lasting protection to ensure that they perform better, use less fuel and produce fewer polluting emissions. The new generation SP98 unleaded gasoline and diesel is available in all of the 3,750 Total, Total Access and Elan service stations across France .

"This launch represents a new step in innovation to help our customers consume better and less thanks to our fuels. The TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation line combines all of Total's technological know-how in its formula and reflects our very high commitment to quality. Our research teams worked for two years to develop these fuels, to provide an ever-more effective response to our customers' growing focus on engine care," noted Philippe Montantême, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Marketing and Research at Total Marketing & Services.

A clean engine uses less fuel, pollutes less and lasts longer

While new powertrains deliver increasingly high performance, they are also increasingly sensitive to buildup. An accumulation of deposits can affect the engine's operation and negatively impact performance, resulting in higher fuel consumption, a rise in harmful emissions and less power.

That's why TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation's formulation has been optimized with specific detergent additives to clean the engine's vital components and keep them clean over time. The result is up to 93% less buildup for diesel engines and up to 99% less for gasoline engines.

By eliminating deposits on injection systems, TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation keeps engines performing at their optimum level over time. The fuels' additives also include molecules that reduce friction between metal parts, and therefore wear, to help extend engine life. Together, the cleaning and friction-reduction technologies lead to reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

"Today, close to one out of five customers in our Total and Total Access service stations in France has already chosen a TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuel at the pump. We hope to attract many others with our new generation of fuels, especially since they start working from the very first tank," explained Christian Cabrol, Vice President Retail Network and Fuel Cards for Total in France.

TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation is compatible with all existing diesel and gasoline vehicles, including cars, light utility vehicles, two-wheelers and trucks.

TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation R&D facts and figures

  • More than 250 researchers dedicated to the development of fuel, lubricants and bitumen products at our research center in Solaize, France.
  • More than two years of uninterrupted work by multidisciplinary teams (fuel, additives, analyses, engines).
  • More than 100 formulas developed by our researchers.
  • More than 2,300 lab analyses for these formulas.
  • More than 6,000 hours of tests on an engine test bench to fine-tune TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation's formula.
  • More than 8,500 hours of road tests, equivalent to 300,000 km driven.