Total Quartz Rapid Oil Change

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How to join us? New partners
Why make the switch for TOTAL QUARTZ Rapid Oil Change center?
You receive a unique brand signage with our new eye-catching visuals that help you attract new customers.

Rapid Oil Change

You access to a wide range of lubricants from the 4th worldwide oil company, providing excellence performance and majors OEM’s recommendations.

We help you to improve your sales and profitability through dedicated support to follow your activity and schedule attractive promotions, training sessions for your technicians.

You benefit of all the effects of our corporate advertising campaign and our sponsorship campaign in DAKAR, Formula 1, WTCC, WRC, WEC, etc… that let increasing day by day the awareness of our brand.

In addition, you will have access to potential customers through our fleet card customer base.

There is no franchise fee and no royalty percentage required to join us, so if you want to enjoy all these benefits and have questions about the program, please contact us.